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    About Us

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    Service Excellence

    We Care About You!

    If you want to be treated like a respected family member instead of a number, you have come to the right place.

    We believe delivering the highest levels of service, day in and day out, is the best way to demonstrate our dedication to putting people first. You can expect:

    • Rapid and accurate claims processing
    • Dedicated customer service based entirely in the U.S
    • Highly trained benefit experts
    • Multi-lingual customer service

    Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

    Your satisfaction is our number-one priority. Nippon Life Benefits formally surveys active customers annually and we treat customer feedback such as opinions, requests or suggestions received from customers as a precious resource for service improvement opportunities. Nippon Life Benefits takes improvement opportunities from a customer point of view based on each and every bit of feedback we receive.

    Employer Overall Satisfaction


    Our goal is to provide excellent service and easy access to health care information anytime, anywhere!
      • Multilingual customer service options
      • Account Management teams
      • Mobile App for access to benefits anytime, anywhere
      • Employer portal for easy administration
      • Member portal for benefits, claims, and all customer service needs
      • “I really can’t say enough about how much our clients, agency, and account team enjoys working with Nippon Life Benefits. Over the past two years we have experienced administrative issues with every carrier except Nippon Life Benefits. We love their hands on approach to servicing but honestly since we have had virtually no issues we have really not needed to utilize them but when we have they produce the quick and positive results. Makes it much easier when you are not always fighting fires.”
        Kevin L.
        Insurance Solutions Company

      • “Nippon Life Benefits provides service the “old fashioned way.” In those instances where they are a great fit, the experience is a Cadillac and clients do not take a transition away from Nippon Life Benefits lightly.”
        Elena V.
        Benefits Services Company

      • “Having worked with Nippon Life Benefits for many years, I can speak from personal experience that Nippon Life Benefits is a company that honors it’s commitments to both it’s policyholders and their members.”
        Jim R. Agency

      • “Nippon Life Benefits reasonable rates were the initial attraction but the personal customer service is what keeps our business. Our account manager is the best, we always receive fast and easy to understand responses. No question or concern is too big or too small for her to handle!”
        Ruby D.
        Power Equipment Company

      • “Nippon Life Benefits (NLB) continues to be a strong and reliable partner for our clients. NLB’s customized support services and competitive underwriting offer unique insurance alternatives for Japanese companies operating in the United States. And, their team of benefit professionals provide a personalized service touch for Japanese rotational employees and their families, and local employees as well. NLB serves a very unique position in this particular market niche.”
        Chris W. Agency

      • “My team and I have had a wonderful experience with Nippon Life Benefits on the implementation of our client. Their service is incredible and they have been willing to help every step of the way to ensure the client has a wonderful experience.”

      • “I began working with Nippon Life Benefits several years ago as a resource for my group benefit clients in Michigan and across the United States. Nippon Life Benefits has consistently delivered competitive pricing and unique plan designs in comparison to the rest of the market. The sales team meets deadlines, the implementation team insures a smooth transition, and after the sale service from both the consultant side and the client side has been phenomenal.”
        Ed M. Benefit Services

      • “It’s been great working with you over the last year especially during our open enrollment. You’ve done a terrific job and made my job much easier! I really appreciate all your help!”
        Rose J.
        Financial Services

      • “Nippon Life Benefits has been an excellent insurance provider for our Firm the last few years. The attentive customer service and quick adjudication of claims keeps our employees happy and helps make my life easier.”
        Jen L. Law Firm,
        HR Manager

      • “Our Agency has been working with Nippon Life Benefits since 2010. As time changes we have faced many challenges meeting the Health Care objectives for our employees. With Nippon Life Benefits we have been able to meet our objectives, keeping superb health care coverage along with excellent customer service and reasonable costs! As the Benefits Administrator I hear the good and bad about our health benefits from employees, and I am happy to say our employees are very satisfied with the Nippon plans we offer and the service they receive from Nippon. When an issue arises it is resolved quickly and efficiently! With such a changing market it is wonderful to offer consistency of coverage by remaining with Nippon Life Benefits for so many years. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with Nippon Life Benefits!”
        Lynda S.
        Benefits Administrator

      • “I have worked with Nippon Life Benefits as a broker for over 10 years. I have sold medical and ancillary groups with them and my experience has consistently been second to none. The ability to customize plans, the attention to detail from the sales team and the hands on customer service really separate them from the other carriers I work with. Nippon Life Benefits has always been my “ace in the hole” when trying to write new business and am confident to place any size or type group with Nippon Life Benefits.”
        Richard M.
        General Agent