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    Access to the Nippon Life Benefits’ forms and information

    We are here to make it easy to manage your business. You can find enrollment forms, marketing brochures, and other resources to help you on this page. Please contact your Nippon Life Benefits representatives if you cannot find the documents.

    • Login
      If you are a Broker and want general access to forms and Nippon Life Benefits information, please log in below.

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    Access to a client’s Employer Portal
    for administration purposes

    If you are a Broker that has been approved by a client to have Employer Portal access, please click one of the links below. Registration is required to access initially, as well as when new clients authorize your access.?

    • Create an Account?(initial access)
      Register once your client’s eligibility has been built. Please enter the client’s Group/ Unit Numbers when requested. Please ensure your email address and name matches the client’s web access request. The process to validate your registration may require 2 business days. An email will be provided to indicate access has been authorized. For more information, please refer the How to Register/Brokers section on the New Portal ?page.